Force Diagnostics provides breakthrough rapid diagnostic testing for the benefit of consumers, life insurers, wellness constituents and self-insured companies.

Force Diagnostics testing makes it easier for consumers and the companies who care about them to live happier, healthier lives.

Insurers enjoy a better underwriting process that leads to stronger relationships with consumers and a renewed focus on health and wellness. 2

How can the new force process help life insurers?

The Force Diagnostics AaHa! Health Exam Process is so quick, accurate and customer friendly that insureres will benefit from improved taken ratios and better persistency that comes with improved customer satisfaction. Click here to download our Underwriting Performance Calculator and find out how the Forceprocess can positively affect your business.


Breakthrough rapid diagnostics provide immediate, accurate results of a person’s health requiring only a pinprick of blood, an oral swab and 20 minutes.


Testing is administered in local pharmacies, urgent care clinics and retail stores - locations convenient for consumers.


Force Diagnostics’ revolutionary rapid diagnostic tests are FDA-cleared and CLIA-waived and expanding with emerging technologies.


Ongoing monitoring leads to better health.