Delivering health measurement solutions for Life Insurers, Wellness Providers, and Health Plans

We provide innovative and adaptable solutions for the life insurance industry to transform the underwriting customer experience while empowering wellness and health plans to engage all plan participants in ongoing diagnostic testing; 

Our revolutionary minimally invasive testing requires only a small drop of blood and oral swab to deliver accurate results in just 20 minutes. And, all tests are FDA cleared and CLIA waived;

We offer life insurance and wellness testing through a nationwide network of supermarkets, pharmacies, retail stores, clinics and wellness locations, creating "next-door" convenience for consumers

And we integrate our rapid diagnostic test results with ongoing health metrics from wearable health and fitness tracking apps and health kiosk stations from our partners at higi to provide continuous health insights. 

AaHa! Health Index Exams for life insurance and wellness   

Our state-of-the-art science and technology powers the AaHa! Health Index Exams. These proprietary, next-generation test kits combine convenience, speed, accuracy, and provide actionable biometric data. With a nationwide network of pharmacies, clinics, and retail locations; consumers benefit from convenient professional settings. 

The speed and convenience translates into higher completed sales rates for life insurers and more participating employees in wellness and health plan biometric screenings.  


Life Insurance Solutions

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Wellness & Health Plan Solutions