AaHa! Health Index Exam

We serve employer sponsored plans, stand-alone wellness program management companies, as well as retail clinic networks providing wellness services. AaHa! Health Index Exam Kit bundles the major wellness monitoring biometrics into one, easy-to-use package. 

Health Index Exams leverage rapid testing using minimally invasive blood drop and saliva samples. Results are available immediately at the completion of a brief 20-minute exam. 

What we Measure: 

Blood Glucose Levels

Presence of Nicotine

Presence of HIV

Lipid Panel 

Height, Weight, Pulse, BMI

Benefits of using AaHa! Health Index Exams

Offer plan participants access to convenient retail clinic locations

  • Neighborhood clinics at grocery stores and pharmacies eliminate the need to plan a special trip
  • Convenience makes full participation an attainable goal

Leverage rapid testing

  • Minimally invasive tests - just a drop of blood and oral swab
  • Eliminates chain of custody issues and delays from shipments to a central lab

Results delivered instantly 

  • Exams completed in 20 minutes and results are transmitted immediately
  • We integrate exam result data with continuous monitoring of consumer health and wellness data through the use of higi kiosks and data from wearable fitness and health monitoring devices

Health Plan Pricing and Wellness Plan ROI

  • Employers can track returns on investments in wellness plans over the long term by measuring the impacts of risk factor reduction efforts
  • Self-insured health plans can use routine exams to develop more accurate estimates of future healthcare expense levels for both immediate premium pricing and long-term forecasting