AaHa! Health Index Exam for Wellness Plans

Force Diagnostics serves employer sponsored plans, stand-alone wellness program management companies, as well as retail clinic networks providing wellness services

AaHa! Health Index Exam Kit bundles several major wellness monitoring tests into one, easy-to-use package

Health Index Exams leverage rapid testing using minimally invasive blood drop and saliva samples and none of the traditional fasting requirements associated with central lab testing. Results are available immediately at the completion of the exam. 

AaHa! Health Index Exam for Life Insurance

Force Diagnostics has bundled all necessary and relevant life insurance underwriting tests into one, easy-to-use AaHa! Rapid Health Index Exam kit.

Non-invasive testing is completed in a convenient clinic setting by a medical professional and requires no fasting.

Tests are completed in minutes and results are sent immediately to underwriters, speeding the process to issuance dramatically.

How will insurers benefit financially from using the AaHa! Health Index Exam for underwriting?

Force Diagnostics has developed this Underwriting Performance Calculator to demonstrate the benefits of using the AaHa! Health Index Exam as part of an insurer’s core underwriting process.

AaHa! Health Index Exam Life Insurance Kit measures:

Blood Glucose Levels
Presence of Nicotine
Presence of HIV
Lipid Panel
Height, weight, pulse and BMI

Benefits of using the AaHa! Health index

Pioneer the use of retail settings for completion of life insurance exams 
Professional staff with consistent, quality results in 20 minutes
Convenience for consumers, speeding the process to issuance and increasing the taken rate.

Leverage rapid testing
Minimally invasive / No fasting
Eliminates chain of custody issues and shipments to a central lab.

Results delivered instantly 
Make Underwriting and Consumer Engagement Dynamic
Ability to provide continuous monitoring of consumer health and wellness data through the use of higi and wearable technology
Increase taken ratios and persistency by engaging consumers more effectively.